Two-Axis Tilt Measurement on a Combine Harvester

B2N inclinometers are easy to install, can be individually adjusted and reliably measure position

In some combine harvesters, the vehicle tilt must be detected along two axes to ensure optimum coordination of the threshing unit. The compact two-axis B2N tilt sensors are easy to install and can be tailored to the application.

For example, vibration suppression can be adjusted by means of various filters in order to ensure reliable position measurement, even in the event of heavy vehicle vibrations.

Your Benefits

  • Both relevant axes of the combine harvester can be detected with a tilt sensor
  • Adjustable parameters allow for an individual setup, improving performance by enabling reliable leveling of the threshing unit
  • Individual filter and damping settings for shock and vibration suppression
  • Ideal for outdoor applications

  • The two-axis tilt sensor detects the longitudinal and transverse tilt of the threshing unit

  • Precise detection of the vehicle position even in the event of heavy vibrations

  • Two-axis tilt-angle sensor B2N with analog output

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