Collision Protection on Reach Stackers

Ultrasonic sensors reliably measure the distance between gripper and containers

High Time Pressure at Goods Handling

In large ports and other transhipment points, containers have to be transferred from one means of transport to the next in a short space of time.

Despite the time pressure, however, both the goods and the lifting and loading equipment must be protected. All too often, lifting equipment collides with containers and is damaged, resulting in unnecessary waiting times and costs.

Your Benefits

  • Faster and safer handling of goods thanks to collision protection on the gripper
  • Two independent switching ranges enable standard and safety speeds when approaching the container
  • High vehicle availability thanks to robust sensor in IP67 metal housing

  • The sensor signals when the speed must be reduced

  • Robust metal housing, long ranges and short blind zones characterize the RU300U

Ultrasonic Sensor Prevents Collisions

Ultrasonic sensors type RU300U-M30E help to protect the gripping devices of the reach stacker during the gripping process of the container. When the gripper approaches the container, the sensor detects the container.

The sensor with a range of 3 metres secures the minimum distance with two independent switching ranges and reduces the approach speed below a specified threshold value to a safe level. This enables the driver to grip and load containers quickly and safely.

Robust Against Shocks and Harsh Environmental Influences

The robust sensor in a metal housing is ideally suited for outdoor use, the plug and sound convertor housing permanently withstand sunlight and temperature changes. The sensor withstands shocks of up to 100 g. Moisture and the salty air in the seaport area also do not damage the sensor. The setting is very simple – either via two teach buttons for each switching range on the housing or by presetting via the teach line.

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