Identification of Big Bags and Bioreactors

Special RFID tags on big bags can be easily read out with a handheld device

In the pharmaceutical industry, big bags and reactors are frequently used to store raw materials and live precursors. After the big bags have been removed from the outer packaging, it is difficult to retrospectively determine if they are, for example, still sterile.

Identification using a barcode or affixed label is problematic as the color and/or adhesive could diffuse through the foil and consequently contaminate the product.

Turck has developed special RFID tags that solve the problem. They are simply affixed to the big bag or bioreactor using special cable ties. A handheld device enables data to be read universally.


  • The identification of big bags and bioreactors with the BL ident RFID system increases product quality and process reliability
  • Automatic allocation of hose connections during production in single-use systems

  • The tags are affixed to the big bag using special cable ties

  • The tags are available in various shapes and sizes

  • The tag can be read anywhere using the handheld device

RFID-based CAPA optimization

The corrective and und preventive actions are a key element  of the ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System. In line with the CAPA approach, the integration of RFID technology in the identification of big bags and bioreactors enables a comprehensive improvement of quality, safety and efficiency in pharmaceutical production. Combining this innovative technology with proven principles not only strengthens regulatory compliance, but also promotes the efficiency and reliability of pharmaceutical processes.

Precise allocation with RFID 

Turck has developed innovative RFID tags to meet this challenge. A main tag which acts as a primary identification unit is affixed to each big bag. These tags can be attached easily to big bags or bioreactors using special cable ties. Each hose assigned to a big bag is provided with an RFID tag containing a unique identifier or UID. This is used to identify the specific hose and associate it with the main tag of the corresponding big bag. A handheld device enables universal readout of the stored data. The BL ident RFID system controls the processing of the recorded UID data of the hoses and ensures the precise assignment to the main tag of the corresponding big bag or bioreactor. 

Work safety and constant quality

Turck's RFID system enables deviations from product specifications or potentially dangerous product mixtures to be avoided from the outset. This reduces the risk of undesired incidents that could endanger the health of customers and the safety of employees. Work safety and consistent quality are at the heart of these efforts, enabled by data collection, monitoring and traceability.

More CAPA through digitalization

Turck's RFID system illustrates how digitalization can optimize corrective and preventive action (CAPA) to achieve a sustainable increase in work safety and consistent product quality in the pharmaceutical industry.

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