Tracking Big Bags with RFID

Extensive control over the production and delivery process of assets as well as full compliance with legal requirements

When transporting chemicals in Big Bags, strict legal regulations as well as global requirements regarding traceability must be taken into account. Challenged by manual and partly inconsistent supply chain processes a leading fertilizer company introduced the use of RFID instead of barcodes. RFID technology allows contactless tracking of both the origin and the contents of each big bag, does not require line of sight, provides a reliable system and is less prone to human error.

Your Benefits

  • Visibility and traceability of the supply chain
  • Easy tracking, tracing and calling-back of individual Big Bags
  • Reduced susceptibility to human error

    Forklifts are equipped with read-write devices so that big bags are identified during loading

    Smart algorithms detect which Big Bags are currently held on the fork of a forklift truck.

In order to automatically match the RFID tag with the content of the big bag as well as manufacturing batch information, the end of each production line has been equipped to encode RFID tags on Big Bags. In addition, commercial vehicles such as payloaders, forklift trucks and tractors are equipped with RFID readers. Smart algorithms detect which Big Bags are currently held on the fork of a forklift truck. In this way, the Big Bags that are shipped to customers are identified when they are loaded, so that traceability is guaranteed here as well.

Full control over delivery process

The RFID implementation has provided the user with 100% legal compliance with the regulations as well as full control over end-to-end production and delivery process of each asset at any given time, from factory to farm. The company can now easily track, trace and if necessary, call-back individual Big Bags.

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