Detecting Different Size Packages on a Conveyor

When multiple products are sent down the same manufacturing line, variances in size can make them difficult to detect as they move along the conveyor.

The best solution is to line up multiple sensors underneath the conveyor to ensure any and all packages are detected.


  • Simple, cost-effective solution.
  • Built in resistance to fluorescent lights for easy machine integration.

  • Detecting Different Size Packages on a Conveyor

Banner’s S18-2 barrel sensor is a cost-effective, reliable sensing method for this type of application. Its small size makes it easy to integrate along the manufacturing line, and its competitive price means it is well-suited for applications requiring multiple sensors. With a powerful and bright visible red emitter beam, the S18 sensors are easy to align during set up.

The S18-2 barrel sensors’ Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology make them resistant to fluorescent light and offer a higher level of crosstalk avoidance, which is ideal since the sensors need to be lined up one by one to sense the different sizes and positions of boxes.

S18-2 barrel sensors have a highly visible output and dual-function power with a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +70° C.

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