Level Measurement in Dip Coating Line

From up to ten meters away, LRS+ radar sensors measure the distance and level of cathodic immersion baths

Effective and long-lasting corrosion protection as well as attractive appearance of body parts and surfaces are achieved in the automotive industry by cathodic dip coating. The components are coated in an appropriately sized immersion bath by means of cathodic dip coating (CDP), also known as cataphoresis. In this process, an electric field helps even complexly structured workpieces to achieve an even, durable surface coating. In order to completely immerse the workpiece attached to a conveyor belt in the coating medium, users require the following information:

On the one hand, it must be ensured that the conveyor belt is mounted at the correct height.

Your Benefits

  • Increased system availability, as the LRS+ sensors reliably suppress interference pulses and thus avoid faulty measurements 
  • Precise detection of the filling level from a great distance  
  • Reliable commissioning due to Turck radar monitor

  • High currents are no problem for contactless level measurement with the LRS+

  • The LRS+ radar sensor measures the level from a safe distance 

  • The control unit of the LRS+: intuitive operation and problem-free visibility

At the same time, the correct filling level of the coating medium in the basin must be ensured. Another challenge is posed by the high currents used in the coating process.

Precise detection of the fill level from a distance

Since immersion sensors can only be used to a limited extent in the cataphoresis process due to the strong currents, users usually measure levels here without contact. However, the conveyor linkage and other structures between the level sensor and the immersion bath can lead to unwanted signals and incorrect measurements of the immersion bath level. 

LRS+ reliably masks out interfering pulses 

This is where the LRS+ radar sensor shows its strengths. From a distance of up to ten meters, it reliably measures the level of the immersion bath. The long range allows it to be mounted above the conveyor line. Interference pulses from metal carriers or the car body itself can be easily suppressed via the Turck radar monitor. The curve of the radar signal is displayed in real time via the browser-based configuration software. The optimum measurement windows can thus be set safely and with high process reliability.   

Bicolor display signals critical filling levels  

For improved visibility of critical filling levels, the color of the display can be changed from green to red. This means that any employee can see when critical filling levels are reached, even from a distance.

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