Plastic Roll Diameter Measurement

Accurately determining the diameter of a roll of shrink wrap is essential to prevent material from running out during the shrink wrapping process and ensuring proper tensioning.

As pallets enter the shrink wrapping station, a reliable solution must provide accurate data to ensure the shrink wrap tension is what it should be and to alert operators if the roll of plastic wrap is empty.


  • Maintain tensioning for correct wrapping and avoids machine jams.
  • Early warning that the roll is nearly empty.
  • Easy setup without having to unwind a complete roll.

  • Plastic Roll Diameter Measurement

Banner’s LE550 is factory configured with a range of 100 to 1000 mm and can start measuring immediately. If the range needs to be adjusted, the laser sensor has an intuitive user interface with a two-line, eight-character display, making it easy to automatically or manually adjust settings. The LE550 provides repeatability and accuracy across challenging targets, from metal to black rubber, allows for reliable measurement of the shrink wrap.

The analog output can be used to control wind or unwind speeds on the shrink wrap roll. The two point teach option can be used teach the outside of the roll as the 20 mA point and can easily be adjusted for a manual set of the 4 mA point to the core diameter. This allows easy adjustment without having to unwind the entire roll. The discrete output can also be utilized for a roll diameter application. It can alert operators that the roll is almost empty.

The setup is simple using a single switch point. Similar to the manual adjust on the analog output, the user would adjust the feature to set a limit near the diameter of an empty core. No unwinding is needed to complete the discrete output setup.

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