Engine Block Part-In-Place Detection

The automotive industry relies on quality control processes, ensuring that products are complete and correct before being shipped to Tier 1 manufacturers.

Engine block manufacturing is vital because it is the core of the engine. It has to be positioned correctly before moving from station to station to ensure each component of the engine is installed correctly. Banner Engineering offers a reliable solution to detect a small feature to ensure the engine block is in place. The LE550 laser sensor is ideal for this part-in-place verification processes,because of its reliability and accuracy.


  • Extremely accurate detection of small features ensures correct positioning.
  • Simple target alignment using visible red Class 2 laser.
  • Rugged, die-cast zinc housing.

  • Engine Block Part-In-Place Detection

Banner’s LE550 laser sensor is ideal for part-in-place verification processes. It is reliable, and extremely accurate for small part-in-place verification from long distances. The LE550 measures for 3 mm thickness using the digital output, ensuring that the retaining clip is present and the engine block is in the correct place.

The LE550 has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to adjust settings if needed, while the eight-character, two-line display shows the status of the measurement. By verifying the retaining clip, the engine block can go through the manufacturing process without error.

The LE550 has a rugged, die-cast zinc housing and a visible red Class 2 laser, making it simple to align to the target. Three LED indicators provide ongoing indication of sensing status.

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