Inspecting Two Barcodes on a Part

The PresencePLUS P4 Smart Camera reads both linear and 2-dimensional barcodes at the same time

Keeping track of products is an incredibly important process for a wide variety of industries. In some – like electronics – there can be different types of barcodes printed on the same product. To be able to track these products, it is vital that both codes are accurately inspected to avoid errors down the line. 

Smart Camera that Multitasks

A part is tracked using both a linear and a 2-dimensional barcode. The high-resolution PresencePLUS P4 reads both types simultaneously to verify that they are correct, simplifying a process that would normally require multiple cameras. Banner’s smart camera features a compact, self-contained housing and can also include a color match tool that detects particular colors on a part.  

Your Benefits

  • Using a single camera reduces complexity and saves costs
  • Flexible mounting in harsh environments thanks to self-contained housing with IP rating up to IP68
  • Simple commissioning as users can quickly set up the sensor via Quick Teach or by activating the Remote Teach input

  • Two at once: The Smart Camera can read both types of barcodes

  • The PresencePLUS P4 Series is available in different resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels

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