Material Flow Monitoring on a Combine Harvester

Easy installation of the TM18 optical sensor, even in the smallest of spaces

After the chaff is separated from the wheat, a bucket elevator (or a spiral conveyor) transports the grain to the grain tank. During this process, a light barrier checks the flow of material in the elevator. When cylindrical light barriers are used, complex solutions involving deflection mirrors must be designed for this purpose.

Banner Engineering's TM18 offers a light barrier that can be mounted easily onto both sides of the grain chute thanks to its compact design. The robust light barrier provides an EMC strength of 200 V/m for protection against interference caused by radiation, and can even be used at temperatures of +90°C.

Your Benefits

  • TM18 light barriers are very compact in design
  • Easy to mount thanks to threaded lens, without the use of deflection mirrors
  • A high level of electromagnetic compatibility and advanced temperature resistance enable fail-safe material monitoring

  • The one-way light barrier monitors the flow of material in the combine harvester

  • Reliable material monitoring even in harsh environments

  • The compact TM18 one-way light barrier

The TM18 Series, with a right angle shape and 18 mm threaded barrel mount, easily fits into limited space setups for simple installation. The extremely bright LED emitter also makes alignment to the receiver quick and easy.

Multiple modes are available, including fixed field and diffuse for enhanced immunity to fluorescent lighting, and opposed and polarized retroreflective modes for maximum sensing reliability. Additionally, the TM18 sensor is available with four-wire NPN/PNP output models or three-wire I/O block compatible outputs.

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