One Device, Three Protocols

Automatically adapts to the industrial Ethernet protocol being used. 

  • EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP
  • Turck Multiprotocol I/O device recognizes the master upon power-up and self-configures to that protocol
  • Advanced webserver for device configuration, I/O parameterization, and diagnostics via web browser or mobile device
  • Embedded Ethernet switch to support a variety of topologies, including linear and ring.




  • PROFINET Fast Startup (FSU) and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) supported.
  • Topology detection and automatic addressing available
  • Multiprotocol devices support PROFINET RT, high featured gateway available specifically for PROFINET IRT



  • ODVA quick-connect (QC) and Device Level Ring (DLR) features supported
  • Multiple configuration options available, for a variety of PLC environments


Modbus TCP

  • Bit register and function code support
  • Easy integration within Schneider and Mitsubishi PLCs, PC Controls, and Process Automation systems
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