Assembly Management with a Direct MES Connection

The TBEN-S ARGEE Field Logic Controller controls assembly parameters as set by the MES and thus relieves the load on the central PLC

The challenge of assembling different types of products on a production line is to achieve error-free production even with a high degree of product complexity. Systems that support employees in manual production guarantee a high degree of quality and error-free assembly without the need for lengthy training times. These assistance systems however require seamless integration in manual production processes in order to not reduce productivity.

How to achieve high productivity despite the large variety? 

Turck's Spanish sales partner Elion supported its customers in the development of this kind of assistance system. Special feature: the TBEN-S I/O module acts as a field logic controller that controls the production parameters itself instead of a PLC.

Your Benefits

  • Fast cycle times despite frequent product changes thanks to parameter storage in the edge controller (ARGEE) 
  • Cost savings thanks to low utilization of PLC resources 
  • Reduced storage and engineering costs since the same system can be used in three different Ethernet networks 
  • High availability thanks to plug & play device replacement

  • The TBEN-S acts as an edge controller in the assistance system

  • The TBEN-S I/O module supplies the parameter sets of the relevant product variant to the sensors

  • The positioning element of the angle sensor is protected by the sensor housing  

At the start of the assembly process, a camera identifies the product variant present. The camera communicates with the PLC via Profinet. The I/O module then controls the correct execution of the assembly steps of the pantograph based on this product type identification. 

Pantograph ensures product quality

The pantograph thus ensures according to the sensor system that the assembly steps of the pneumatic screwdriver are carried out at the correct positions and with the correct torque. The screwdriver is enabled in turn by the PLC. A great benefit here is the fact that the I/O module also communicates as a decentralized control unit with the PLC via Profinet, with the MES via MQTT and with the controller of the pneumatic screwdriver via Modbus TCP.

Field logic controller saves PLC resources

The TBEN-S not only operates as an I/O module but, as a field logic controller directly in the field, also performs control tasks that which would otherwise be handled by the PLC. This relieves the load on the PLC and enables shorter cycle times.   

One system for all controller systems 

Another benefit is the multiprotocol capability of the I/O modules. The same system is therefore suitable for users with different Ethernet networks – regardless of whether the customer uses a controller based on Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. 

Field logic controller for rapid product changes

The parameter sets of the devices are stored on the IO-Link master in data storage mode. Turck's ARGEE field logic controller applies different parameters to the sensors depending on the product type and writes these to the IO-Link master. This solution is much faster than the alternative, in which a modified configuration would have to be loaded via an HMI with each change of product type. A useful spin-off benefit is the fact that a faulty device can easily be replaced with an identical device. Assembly can be resumed without any interruption.

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