Reduced Water Consumption in Pressure Vessel Assembly

Turck's cloud solution makes parts cleaning and degreasing plant more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly

When assembling pressure vessels, the components must be cleaned and degreased before welding. For this purpose, a system is used to clean the components, in which they are bathed in a solution of water and cleaning chemicals. In the past, the wastewater was disposed of after a few cleaning cycles and the cleaning process was restarted. Since high water consumption leads to higher energy costs, resource-saving solutions are needed.

Your Benefits

  • Ecological sustainability through reduced water consumption and use of chemicals
  • Reduced disposal costs due to lower wastewater volumes
  • High process transparency due to reporting of relevant diagnostic events and measurement data in real time

  • The bottle neck of the needle in gas cylinder production: the cleaning system for the components

  • Turck's Li-Q25L linear position sensor ensures that the water level is optimally maintained

  • The TX700 enables remote access to controllers and other devices via a VPN tunnel

Sustainable solution thanks to closed loop

The cleaning and degreasing system is the bottleneck in production, as all prefabricated components have to pass through it. If the system does not function, production comes to a standstill. High reliability and efficiency of the cleaning system is therefore essential. To ensure this, the solution provides systems for water treatment and precise dosing. The components are cleaned and degreased in a cleaning tunnel with a centrifuge and water demineralization station by immersion in a solution of water and active chemical substances. The centrifuge then separates the water from the oil, which is discarded. The treated water is reintroduced into the process. Unlike previous processes, the Turck solution allows the water to be reused several times in a closed loop.

Linear position sensors ensure precise water level control

Turck's inductive Li-Q25L linear position sensor is used to ensure the optimal and constant water level in the tubs for the components. The sensor allows the system to monitor the water level in real time and ensure that the closed loop system is running smoothly and the water level is maintained optimally. The IO-Link interface enables end-to-end communication to the cloud, providing the required data transparency.

Turck Cloud Solutions for data monitoring and maintenance

For optimal maintenance, the working hours, the number of valve cycles, the degree of wear of important components, etc. are recorded in the cloud. This facilitates the planning of preventive measures. In addition, process data is monitored via web browser, such as the number of parts produced, consumption of media, and registered unplanned downtime. This makes it easy to monitor water and chemical consumption in real time. Problems are detected at an early stage so that appropriate preventive measures can be implemented.

TX700 for remote access and diagnostics

The TX700 series IoT gateway provides remote access to controllers and other devices on the network via a VPN tunnel, eliminating the need for any IT infrastructure configuration on the part of the user. This facilitates the monitoring of process and diagnostic data. It also means that malfunctions and faults in the plant can be rectified quickly.

Water consumption reduced to one tenth

Turck's cloud solution was able to significantly optimize the cleaning process for pressure vessel components. Thanks to the ecologically sustainable recovery and reuse of water in a closed loop, water now needs to be replenished less frequently. Only one tenth of the water is required compared to the previous process. In addition, chemicals can be used more efficiently. This also reduces wastewater volumes and thus disposal costs.

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