Turck's MR15-Q80 3D radar scanner detects objects and their spatial movement at distances of up to 15 meters

IO-Link/J1939 Radar Scanner Provides 3D Movement Data

Turck's MR15-Q80 3D radar sensor with IO-Link and a J1939 interface measures distance, position and movement of objects for collision avoidance or height control applications

Turck's MR15-Q80 is a robust radar scanner that records and outputs environmental data in three dimensions. It is the only device with these features that is available with a J1939 interface for mobile equipment in addition to IO-Link. The 60 gigahertz radar scanner detects objects up to 15 meters away within the freely definable detection angles of 120° horizontally and 100° vertically. The data can be used, for example, for 3D object detection, collision avoidance, height control or blind spot monitoring. Thanks to its technology, radar technology is more robust than alternative solutions such as laser or ultrasonic sensors and is therefore very well suited for use in mobile equipment, port facilities or intralogistics applications.

Your Benefits

  • Greater freedom thanks to additional information on position, distance and speed
  • Cost-effective substitute for high-priced sensors such as LIDAR and vision systems
  • Simplified commissioning thanks to real-time visualization in TAS
  • High reliability thanks to protection class IP67, robust design and robust technology

Six warning radii, three signal spaces and two switching outputs

Besides the position of objects, the MR15-Q80 also detects their movement and the intensity of the reflected waves. This data can be evaluated to differentiate between objects or to hide static interference from objects that are not relevant to the application. Users can parameterize up to six warning radii, which trigger two freely assignable switching outputs. Three signal spaces can also be defined, which can also be assigned to the two switching outputs and switch when an object is found within these spaces.  

Simplified commissioning in TAS

The TAS Turck Automation Suite simplifies commissioning and best setting of signal and intensity filters, detection angles, warning radii and much more. The software visualizes the raw data from the sensor in real time in the web browser.


  • Mobile equipment
  • Intralogistics
  • Port facilities
  • Mining


  • Large detection range +- 60° horizontal and +- 50° vertical
  • Protection to IP67/69K
  • 15 meter range
  • 60 gigahertz technology
  • IO-Link or J1939 interface
  • Six warning radii and three signal areas can be defined


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