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Digital automation solutions



Decentralized automation shifts the coordinates of modern industrial production. We will bring you on course.




Benefit from digital value creation between shop floor and cloud – with Turck's end-to-end IIoT architecture from a single source


Decentralized automation shifts the coordinates of modern industrial production.

Decentralized control and intelligent I/O technology enables agile production concepts, modular machines and offline testing.

Your benefits: With flexible machine construction you can achieve shorter commissioning times - with scalable production you can better cope with order fluctuations. 

Turck supports you with automation solutions that are optimized for installation without control cabinets and distributed intelligence. You define how far the distribution of intelligence is optimal for your production and your machines. The fields of application of decentralized solutions range from condition monitoring and modular machines to track-and-trace and machine safety.

Further Topics and Highlights

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This is how you increase the safety, quality and traceability of your pharma production: Turck's RFID solutions guarantee consistency in sample management and for corrective and preventive actions.


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Whether for generation, transport, storage or use, you can shorten the time-to-market of your H2 projects with decentralized automation solutions from Turck – 360-degree solutions for sustainable automation up to Zone 0.




Digitize your battery production to improve ROI, resilience and flexibility.




Regardless of which materials or industrial goods you are procuring, producing or shipping – end-to-end identification with RFID supplies you with decision-critical information in real time.


Innovative Automation for Automotive Innovation

Whatever the mobility of the future may be, Turck smart automation solutions ensure efficient and flexible production. Battery-powered electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (New Energy Vehicles or NEV for short) are bringing about a profound change in the automotive industry. With customization, lightweight construction and modularization also becoming important topics, this new reality requires flexible production concepts and smart automation.

Gain Independence from Your Customers´Control Systems

Fast response to market needs and a short time to market (TTM) are key challenges of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry: Turck's multiprotocol Ethernet solutions help to accelerate the development, production and assembly of your plant modules. This allows you to flexibly combine a wide range of control systems with your modules and be on the market faster.

Fluid+ Sensors

Probably the Best Fluid Sensor Family for Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Level. Sounds boastful? Judge for yourself. No other automation manufacturer has developed fluid sensor technology that detects all four measured variables—flow, pressure, temperature and level—with a sensor family from a single source.

SPE and APL: Focus on Connectivity 4.0

SPE and APL will shape the future of industrial communication. The exact form this will take is currently being discussed and defined in the development departments of automation and connectivity companies. We would like to invite you to help shape the technology and to talk to us about your requirements and our solution offerings.

The Ideal Route to a Safe Machine

Decentralized safety technology creates freedom for designers through safety solutions for modular production. IP67 safety modules with integrated safety controllers eliminate the need for control cabinets and allow offline testing of safety functions for faster commissioning at the customer's site.

Machine Condition in View — from Day One

Turck's condition monitoring solutions for new plants detect faults before it is too late. Additional information from modern sensors and actuators is analyzed smartly, thus providing the necessary information. Find out which components enable condition monitoring.

Block by Block to Flexible Intralogistics

Modular conveyor systems require powerful control solutions in the field. Turck's edge controllers and block I/O modules in IP67 make decentralized decisions about sub-processes. This not only reduces the load on the main PLC, but also accelerates commissioning.

Retrofit Condition Monitoring

Autonomous systems using precise sensor technology and secure wireless networks get existing plants ready for condition monitoring. Turck's retrofit solution has no impact on running processes. Want to use data locally or send it to the cloud? The choice is yours!

Ethernet in the Ex Area

excom Ethernet allows process and status data to be transmitted and analyzed simultaneously up to zone 0 — without any intervention in existing control systems. Transfer process information alongside user data to outsourced IT systems. Get ready for intelligent condition monitoring and predictive maintenance!

The Machine Speaks: IO-Link

The bidirectional IO-Link interface is key for optimizing digital processes. Whether replacing plug-and-play sensors, diagnosing the machine or sensor status, or identifying devices, IO-Link is essential for paving the way for efficient, digital production. 

Industry-optimized Cloud Services

Turck Cloud Solutions has been developed to meet the IIoT requirements of industrial customers. These requirements include encrypted communication for maximum security, plug-and-play dashboards for remote maintenance or automatic alarm messages. The perfect cloud for industrial applications — hosted by Turck or on customer-owned servers.

Transparency in Production and Logistics

RFID systems identify and locate goods, from goods-in and the production stage right through to retail. Turck combines its comprehensive IP67 RFID portfolio of HF and UHF technology with the integration expertise of Turck Vilant Systems, making it one of the industry's leading specialists. 

Separate, Supply, Protect - Even in the Smallest Control Cabinet

The IMXK interface devices have been specially developed for installation in flat control cabinets. They are just as narrow as standard devices, but with a depth of 77 millimeters, they also fit inside compact control cabinets and other small enclosures.

High Bandwidths for Industry 4.0

The TBEN-L-SE-M2 Ethernet switch in IP67 with Gbit high-speed backbone enables the shortest link-up times and rapid data flow from I/O modules, motors and IP cameras. The switch provides maximum security through a built-in firewall, NAT routing and virtual LANs (VLAN).

Sensor Solutions – Versatile and Intelligent

Measuring position and distance or detecting objects and fluids – demanding tasks in automation require smart solutions. Turck therefore has sensors in its product range that are not only particularly robust and precise, but IO-Link empowers them to be clever all-rounders.

Smart Flow Monitoring

Delta flow monitoring and Quick-Teach make it easy to commission the FS+ flow sensor. The intuitive operating concept with capacitive buttons ensures the device is impervious up to IP6K9K without compromising on the great appearance. And thanks to the modular mechanical concept, the appropriate FS+ is available in the shortest possible time.

Find the Right One Fast: Encoders from Turck

An encoder should function in the way that best suits the application. Turck's portfolio ranges from classic efficiency encoders to premium encoders capable of taking contactless measurements. The output type and frame size, as well as the shaft type and shaft diameter are key criteria when it comes to selecting an appropriate encoder.

Latest Product Innovations

TAS Cloud: New Toolset for Turck Automation Suite

TAS Cloud: New Toolset for Turck Automation Suite

TAS Cloud simplifies condition monitoring, system management and remote maintenance for machine and system manufacturers

Turck is expanding its Turck Automation Suite (TAS) IIoT and service software platform with the TAS Cloud industrial cloud service for remote maintenance and condition monitoring. Customers can put together their own individual cloud solution from six modules and thus also customize the billing of their services. Users only pay for services that they actually use.

Magnetic Field/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

Magnetic Field/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

Turck's CMMT condition monitoring sensor detects magnetic field changes on three axes and thus opens up new application fields

The CMMT 3-axis magnetic field/temperature sensor with IO-Link is the third sensor type that Turck has developed specifically for easy-to-use and retrofittable condition monitoring applications. It complements the existing range consisting of the CMVT vibration/temperature sensor and the CMTH for humidity and temperature measurements.

Compact UHF RFID Reader with EtherCAT

Compact UHF RFID Reader with EtherCAT

As the only reader worldwide with an integrated EtherCAT interface, the Q150 reduces hardware complexity, such as in logistics systems

Turck is presenting the Q150 UHF RFID reader with an integrated Ethernet interface. The IP67 reader communicates directly with PC or PLC systems in Industrial Ethernet networks with the four most important protocols without the need for an additional interface.

Inclinometer Sensors with Analog Output

Inclinometer Sensors with Analog Output

Turck's inclination sensors with fused MEMS/gyroscope signal now also available with conventional analog output

Turck is adding new devices with an analog output to its existing portfolio of QR20 inclinometers with IO-Link or a switching output. The new sensors are also available as single-axis devices for static (B1N) or moving applications (B1NF) as well as dual-axis sensors for static (B2N) or moving applications (B2NF).

Monitoring Control Cabinet Climate with IMX12-CCM

Monitoring Control Cabinet Climate with IMX12-CCM

The relaunch expands the application field of the control cabinet guard for remote I/O and simplifies commissioning

Turck has fully updated its IMX12-CCM control cabinet guard. The devices are now commissioned via haptic pushbuttons instead of light sensors, making them even more intuitive. The temperature range has also been improved: a range from +25…70 degrees enables the devices to also be used in the control cabinets of remote I/O, which are frequently installed in areas where it can get hot due to neighboring systems or sunlight.

Fast HF Read/Write Head with S2 System Redundancy

Fast HF Read/Write Head with S2 System Redundancy

Turck's robust multiprotocol Ethernet read/write head starts up in less than 500 ms and operates at temperatures from -40 to +70 °C

Turck's new HF read/write head with an integrated multiprotocol Ethernet interface adds an efficient solution with unique features in terms of startup time, communication and safety to the existing RFID portfolio.

 RFID Read/Write Heads and Tags in Miniature Format

RFID Read/Write Heads and Tags in Miniature Format

Turck's compact HF RFID solution in an M12 housing enables easy identification of miniature objects

Turck is expanding its RFID product portfolio with four read/write heads in an M12 housing and an in-metal tag in the compact 4 x 3 millimeter format. The combination of miniature tag and read/write head enables the identification of very small metal objects in very restricted spaces. These enable the implementation of piracy protection applications for spare parts and consumables.

 Now Organize Codesys Programs with TAS

Now Organize Codesys Programs with TAS

The Turck Automation update offers condition monitoring for smart cables, batch processing for Codesys and visualization for HF RFID communication

The latest release 1.9. of the Turck Automation Suite (TAS) now enables Codesys control programs via network to be downloaded, saved, run, stopped and restored via batch processing. The update provides another innovation for the M12Plus smart cable series: The Cable Monitor app displays the current and temperature of the smart M12Plus cables in TAS, so that condition monitoring can be implemented for particularly critical connections.

OSC Interface Technology for Onsite Configuration

OSC Interface Technology for Onsite Configuration

Turck's IM(X)12 rotation speed monitors, temperature measuring amplifiers and trip amplifiers can now also be parameterized easily in the application via rotary coding switches – even in the Ex area

Turck is expanding its IMX interface device series with variants that can be parameterized directly on the device via rotary coding switches. The limit values of the OSC variants (onsite configuration) can thus be set easily in the field using a screwdriver.

Shock Proof Inductive Couplers

Shock Proof Inductive Couplers

Turck's new NIC series transfers data and up to 18 watts of power without contact

Turck has updated its inductive coupler sets and now also offers additional functions such as selective pairing in addition to improved performance. With a startup time of 600 ms, the NIC couplers enable shorter production cycles and thus increased productivity.

Bluetooth Connectors Monitor Cable and Contact Condition

Bluetooth Connectors Monitor Cable and Contact Condition

Turck's M12Plus connectors monitor the voltage drop in the cable to prevent expensive plant downtimes and unscheduled maintenance work

Turck is shifting the condition monitoring of cables subject to severe stress directly to the connection technology. The connectors, which come with voltage and current monitoring and a Bluetooth chip, enable measured voltage and current values to be sent wirelessly to a controller.

High-Resolution Profinet Absolute Encoders

High-Resolution Profinet Absolute Encoders

Turck offers versatile Profinet absolute encoders for precise positioning and fast data transmission

Turck is expanding its encoder portfolio to include encoders with a Profinet interface for real-time applications, particularly in the logistics, food & beverage and machine building sectors. The REM (multiturn) and RES (single-turn) series encoders rely on the latest Profinet encoder profile (version 4.2) and offer 19-bit resolutions for the single-turn devices and resolutions of up to 24 bits for the multiturn devices.

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