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  • Pharma

    The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by strict hygiene requirements, aggressive cleaning processes and short cycle times.

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  • Mobile Equipment

    Shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures are just the beginning of what mobile equipment applications face on a daily basis. Turck rises to the challenge.

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  • Oil and Gas

    Rugged work requires rugged equipment. Turck Banner answers the call with reliable automation solutions that allow you to focus on your work and get the job done.

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  • Packaging

    Precision and innovation are key to the packaging industry and Turck Banner provides innovative automation solution to match.

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  • Automotive

    The automotive industry demands robust products that can survive the toughest of conditions regardless if its body and assembly, body in white, stamping or powertrain.

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  • Chemical

    Working with chemicals is no easy task, but Turck Banner is up to the challenge. We understand that sealing and corrosion resistance are critical to your application's success.

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  • Energy Solutions

    Extreme temperatures, moisture, and sun exposure can wreak havoc on sustainable energy applications. Turck Banner provides robust solutions to keep your systems running.

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  • Food and Beverage

    When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness, Turck Banner offers robust IP rated hygenic solutions that you can be confident in.

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TL70 Modular Tower Light


Control Cabinet Monitoring

Turck's IM12-CCM cabinet guard continuously monitors the relevant ambient variables inside control c

Miniature Encoder for Mobile Equipment

The contactless resonator measuring principle, wear-free and permanently sealed.

RFID Guides AGV in Suspension Production

Turck is supplying Movexx with most of the automation required for an automated guided vehicle

Analogue & Switched Ultrasonic Sensor

Standard line of RU ultrasonic sensors reduces the range of variants required by the customer

Hybrid Safety I/O Module for IP and CIP

TBIP hybrid module completes Turck's portfolio of safety solutions

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